Postcards from the beautiful world of Submerged

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Postcards from the beautiful world of Submerged

This week sees the launch of Submerged, a wonderful little indie game from Canberra-based Uppercut Games. It’s a combat-free exploration game about the efforts of a young girl to aid her injured brother in a beautifully post-apocalyptic world that is, well, submerged. It’s a game designed to be relaxing and soothing, which it certainly achieves, but it’s also exciting, awe-inspiring, and moving. It feels like Uncharted distilled to its essence of climbing ruins and digital tourism, but trades in the bombast of that series for something much more intimate and personal.

I’ll have a full review of the game soon, but for now, I want to share some postcards with you. See, Submerged has a “photo mode” feature that lets you pause the game and move the camera around to take carefully composed screenshots, only in this game, they’re called postcards.

I’ve never use the Share button on my PS4 controller so much. Over the course of a few hours spent with the game, I captured close to 100 postcards – the game, and the world Uppercut have created, is just so beautiful. In the gallery above, you’ll find some of my favourites.



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