Hideo Kojima Has Cheese Sandwich for Lunch


It has been revealed that, earlier today, famed game developer Hideo Kojima enjoyed a cheese sandwich for lunch, but what this means for Kojima Productions’ upcoming game of the decade contender remains a mystery.

Questions around Kojima’s lunch preferences have been circling since a Tweet from the great man himself last week. “What will I eat today?” Kojima mused, alongside a photo of two slices of bread with looked like it may or may not have been cheese in between. This sent fans into a fervour, to the point that the top three trending topics on Twitter were #KojimaCatering, #MetalGruyere, and the particularly creative #KojimasLunch.

Kojima has now confirmed that the meal was indeed a cheese sandwich, and that he had one today as well as last week. A press release sent out by Kojima Productions showed the full sandwich on a plate, following a series of photos shared by Kojima of him standing beside well-known cheese sandwich artisans like Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson, and the owner of his local Subway franchise.

This of course suggests that cheese sandwiches will play a significant role in Kojima Productions’ upcoming game, though the studio declined our requests for comment. However, Kojima Productions producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumi did clarify with Shindig that the photo in the press release “is not a screenshot.”

Not much has been revealed about the game, though we do know that Kojima will continue his trend of pushing the envelope by making a game in a genre he describes as “action”. According to Kojima, it will appeal to fans of the little-known cult favourites Uncharted and The Division.

E3 takes place in Los Angeles next week, so we should expect more information drip-feeds about subjects vaguely related to Kojima Productions then, as well as in the days leading up to E3, the months following, and probably for years after the game itself has been released.


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