Ys Origin is getting a Collector’s Edition for PS4 and Switch


Ys Origin is getting both a Collector’s Edition and a Limited Edition for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, thanks to a partnership between DotEmu, Clear River Games, and Strictly Limited Games.

The Collector’s Edition, priced at €44.99, is limited to 3,000 copies of the Switch version and 1,500 copies of the PlayStation 4 version worldwide. It comes with:

  • Ys Origin game
  • Collector’s Edition Box by Clear River Games
  • Origin 2 CD soundtrack
  • Acrylic stand diorama
  • Ys enamel pin
  • Sticker sheet
  • Bonus acrylic card
A graphic showing the contents of the Ys Origin Collector's Edition for Switch.

The Limited Edition is €29.99, and comes with a physical copy of the game and an acrylic art card. The Switch version is limited to 2,500 copies worldwide (so it’s actually more limited, technically, than the Collector’s Edition!), and the PlayStation 4 version is limited to 1,500 copies.

Ys Origin originally came out in 2006 in Japan as a PC exclusive, before getting a Western release in 2012. It was brought to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2017 and to Xbox One in 2018, while a digital Switch release is planned for sometime this year.

As the name suggests, Ys Origin is a prequel to Nihon Falcom’s Ys series, taking place some 700 years before Ys: The Vanished Omens. It’s an action RPG dungeon crawler that sees two heroes, Yunica and Hugo, fighting their way to the top of the mysterious Darm Tower. It’s full of the frantic action and creative boss fights that Ys is known for, and as I said when I reviewed the PS4 release, it’s a great starting place for series newcomers.

A screenshot from Ys Origin, showing a character dodging a spinning blade trap while jumping over a pit of lava.

“Supporting our partners in creating these special boxed editions is a great accolade for Strictly Limited Games, as Ys Origin is an iconic, timeless RPG which has lots of history and is now being played, enjoyed and in demand for all generations of gamers. We helped make the best possible version at a very reasonable price to both delight and captivate Switch players”, Dennis Mendel, co-founder of Strictly Limited Games.

The Strictly Limited Games version actually isn’t the first Ys Origin Collector’s Edition to hit the market. Limited Run did one a couple of years ago for the PS4 and Vita versions, but they’re long sold out. They also contained different things—an art book and a poster—so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the most diehard collectors picking up the new one even if they’ve got the Limited Run one.


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