Turn-based strategy roguelite Quinterra hits Early Access next week


Sidereal Studios’ tabletop-inspired, turn-based strategy roguelike Quinterra launches on Steam Early Access on April 7, after more than two years in development.

Quinterra sends players on a journey of conquest across five domains, making the most of a “unique drafting mechanic” to influence the shape of the world and the resources available. A battle system inspired by tabletop card games sees you facing off against neighbouring domains, while building up your army with elite units, minions, equipment, and powerful crystals.

Each expedition sees you starting out in the home domain for one of the four playable species, and then venturing out across that domain and two randomly-chosen others, with different storylines unfolding depending on the different combinations that arise. Being a roguelike, Quinterra is designed to make failure unforgiving but also part of the learning experience, but it also promises “to be a gradual ramp up experience” with an extensive tutorial to avoid just dropping players in the deep end from the start.

From the Steam description:

Embark on a tale of conquest across five domains in Quinterra! Through a unique drafting mechanic the very world changes before you. Dynamically tap into the land’s power to harness Upgrade Crystals in combat. Assemble your army and outfit them for maximum synergy aboard your air ship.


• Build YOUR army: Choose Elites, Minions, Equipment, and Crystals you wish to bring into battle. Plan accordingly or you may fail your expedition from losing too much morale!
• 4 Playable Species: Choose from the headstrong Lycans, the tricksy Imps, the durable Crystalians, or the knowledgeable Ethereals.
• Procedurally Generated: Random rewards, procedurally generated maps, and random enemies create a varied and dynamic experience through each expedition and each combat encounter.

Quinterra launches into Steam Early Access on April 7, at a price of USD $14.99/€12.45/£10.76 and wit a limited-time 15% discount. It’s the debut title from Sidereal Studio, an indie developer established in 2019 with the goal of “creating games that provide unique and compelling experiences for gamers”. As always, if you like the look of it, give it a wishlist on Steam—that’s an easy, extremely helpful way to show your support to the developers.


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