The next A-Train launches March 12 in Japan with English support


A-Train: Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku, the next game in Artdink’s long-running rail management series A-Train, is coming to Switch in Japan on March 12. While no international release is planned at this stage, there’s good news for global A-Train fans: the Japanese release will include support for English, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) languages.

“Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku” translates roughly as “Tourism Plan Begins”, which ties into a big tourism focus for the new game. Your transport network is an important part of the tourism industry, and your connections to tourist destinations and popular landmarks goes beyond just rail to ferries, buses, and planes, too.

Here’s an overview of from its new website, as translated by Gematsu:

Run a Company that Extends the Railway and Develops the City

You are the manager of your very own railway corporation. The tracks you lay will help develop the city. As the city develops, your corporation’s profits will increase and eventually it will go public. Experience the thrill of being a city-building proprietor!

New Feature: Create Popular Tourist Attractions

Create transportation networks at potential tourist attractions to turn them into popular destinations by your very own hands. The transportation networks you can use include not only railways, but also buses, ferries, and airplanes. Test your skills in tourist attraction development through various scenarios.

An A-Train Experience All Your Own

Customize your railroad cars, set up your railway schedule. Create subsidiaries and expand the city. With unique activities such as these, you can focus on what you want to focus on. City-building will be the work you create. And you can even create original scenarios to distribute. How you play depends on you!

The last A-Train to get an English release was A-Train Express for PlayStation 4, originally released in Japan in 2017 and brought to the west by Degica in 2019. A few other games in the series have also been localised, like A-Train Classic PC and A-Train 3D for 3DS, but it’s a series with an intermittent history of global releases that’s been few a few different publishers. Knowing that the knew one will be playable in English even if it doesn’t officially get released outside Japan is good news for anyone who like A-Train‘s brand of rail management.

A-Train: Hajimaru Kankou Keikaku launches March 12 in Japan, priced at 6,980 yen (roughly USD $67 / AUD $86 / NZD $92 at the time of writing).


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