The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters now available on Xbox Play Anywhere


Korean indie survival horror adventure The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is now available on Xbox One and the Microsoft Store as an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is an “atmospheric, story-driven game” that tells the story of Mina Park, a high school student who wakes up one night in her school—but the familiar hallways and classrooms have been overwhelmed by a strange, sinister presence. With something that looks eerily like Mina’s teacher trying to kill her, she’s forced to flee and fight for her survival in a twisted version of her school’s district.

Like The Coma: Recut before it, The Coma 2 takes a 2D, hand-drawn approach to the survival horror genre. Players will need to scavenge resources, craft tools, and solve puzzles in order to survive and find out the secrets of Sehwa district. Hiding is crucial, and the deadly scenarios Mina encounters come with the threat of permanent injury if players don’t keep their wits about them.

Through hand-drawn animation and comic-style cutscenes, Minho Kim’s distinctive illustrations giving the game a unique and eerie atmosphere. The school theme continues from the first game, too—The Coma used its horrific premise for a pointed commentary on South Korea’s education system, and it looks like The Coma 2 will pick that up again.

A screenshot from The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, showing Mina Park reading a text message on her phone. A dialogue box reads "Where are you? We don't have all night!"

The Coma 2 is the third game from Devespresso, a four-person development team based in Seoul and San Francisco, after The Coma and Vambrace: Cold Soul. It came out earlier this year for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam, and its unique approach to horror and Korean influence has met with praise.

The Xbox version is being published by Chorus Worldwide. As an Xbox Play Anywhere game, a single purchase gets you both the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions, and progress can be shared between different systems.


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