Tactical RPG Tears of Avia gets new gameplay trailer


PQube has released a new gameplay trailer for Tears of Avia, a tactical RPG for Xbox One and PC that’s due out northern summer / southern winter 2020.

Tears of Avia takes place in Estera, a land torn apart by war between two large city-states: the devout Tirig, and the godless Helmgar. With a range of playable characters from both sides of this conflict, you’ll have the chance to “decide where your own morality ultimately lies”, and see if your party is able to overcome their differing opinions and work together.

The game boasts “hundreds of unique skills” across five different character classes, with each character having their own unique levelling and upgrade tree. You can see a few of those abilities in action in the new trailer—and it looks like, with the right strategy and good choice of skills, you can pump out some big damage numbers.

Tears of Avia is being created by CooCooSqueaky, an independent developer founded in the UK but who work with people from around the world. The game was first revealed back in 2015; more recently, PQube picked up publishing rights and re-announced in February. It’s currently available to wishlist on Steam, ahead of its release later this year.


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