Rangok Skies is a colourful indie bullet hell inspired by the classics


Indie publisher Digirati has announced Rangok Skies, a bright and colourful bullet hell shoot-’em-up inspired by classics like DoDonPachi and Gunbird. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime around the end of this year or early 2021.

Rangok Skies is the creation of one-man studio Samurai Games. Set in a vibrant, futuristic world, it pits players against enemies that range from your typical fighter jets to giant vampires. Each of the four playable characters has a unique shot pattern, special weapon, and bomb, and the game encourages liberal (but smart) use of all of those tools.

It also sports the usual genre staples: weapon upgrades dropped by enemies, two-player co-op, TATE mode, controller support, and an onslaught of bullets across five stages.

If you want to check Rangok Skies out, there’s a free demo available on Steam during PAX X EGX, which runs from 12 to 20 September. The demo includes one level, three playable characters, and an online leaderboard.

Here’s Digerati’s overview of the game:

War has started! Rangok Skies is a vertically scrolling arcade shooter inspired by the genre classics, such as DoDonPachi, Gunbird, and Strikers 1945. Highly replayable with 4 different characters, each with their own unique ship, weapons, and bombs. Includes 2-player local co-op.

Key features

• Choose your pilot: Four different characters, each with their own unique ship, weapons, bombs, and story endings
• Solo Mode: Start with three lives and three continue credits, and try to beat the game!
• Online rankings: Which leaderboard you’re ranked on – Terminators, Masters, Heroes, or Babies – is determined by lives lost, continues used, and score
• Auto-Shoot Accuracy: Hold down fire to slow your ship and enable more precise movements
• Special Weapons: For targeted mass destruction of most enemies and bullets
• Mega Bombs: Inflict screen-clearing devastation, perfect for tight situations
• Collect mini-items and rewards: Increase firepower, charge the Mega Bomb meter, boost your score
• Five intense stages: Each with their own enemies and huge end-of-level boss
• Local Co-op Mode: Play with a friend and defeat Lord Rangok together
• TATE Mode (縦): Supports turning your monitor vertically for the full arcade experience

Rangok Skies is coming to Switch, PS4, and PC around Q4 2020 / Q1 2021. It has a page up on Steam already, if you want to wishlist it—which is a good way to show the developer some support.


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