Mini Motorways comes to Steam July 20, Switch next year


Dinosaur Polo Club‘s minimalist strategy game Mini Motorways is coming to Steam in July 20 and to Switch early next year, the Wellington-based studio announced this week.

Mini Motorways follows a similar vein to Mini Metro, Dinosaur Polo Club’s excellent previous game: a strategy simulation game about building up a transport network to cope with an ever-growing number of travellers and a procedurally-generated map, with minimalist visual design and responsive music creating a relaxed atmosphere despite the stress inherent in transit planning.

The difference is that Mini Motorways—as you could probably guess from the name—is about building a road network rather than a rail one. With that comes traffic lights, motorways, junctions, parking, and all the other unique challenges of road planning, as well as buildings to work around. Mini Motorways also comes with daily and weekly challenges with special conditions and unique challenges.

Mini Motorways originally launched in 2021 for Apple Arcade. The Steam release will see the addition of two new maps, Dubai and New Mexico, along with roundabouts as a road feature—a highly-requested addition, apparently, which might be the first time anyone’s ever said that about roundabouts. Apple Arcade players, don’t worry—that version will be getting the latest updates, too.

“Ultimately, Mini Motorways is about solving problems. How long can you keep the city moving? It’s easy to predict short term results of your changes, but those can have wild consequences in the long term,” said Casey Lucas-Quaid, community manager at Dinosaur Polo Club. “It’s satisfying to watch this system you’ve built run and grow. Since Mini Motorways‘ Apple Arcade launch, casual and hardcore players alike have worked to master its surprisingly complex systems.”

Mini Motorways launches July 20 on Steam, with a launch discount of 10% off the regular price of $9.99 USD / 8,19€ / £6.99. As always, if you like the look of it and want to support the developers, adding the game to your wishlist is an easy and extremely useful way to do so.


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