Magic school-themed life sim Witchery Academy gets its first trailer


If you want your life simulation games with more magical school life, you might be in luck. Indie studio Cubenary has shared the first trailer for Witchery Academy, a new life sim about living the life of a young wizard in training.

Witchery Academy sees players “learning whimsical spells, growing fantastical vegetables, brewing powerful potions and meeting other students while exploring the world outside the academy.” It’s the latest game from Cubenary, a two-person studio based in the UK, and it’s been in development for six months.

“Our goal with Witchery Academy is to create a wholesome title that makes the player smile and offers a variety of activities,” said the developers. “The player decides what to do every day either attend a class to improve a skill, complete a quest or just relax with the cat.”

Here are the game’s key features:

A school life is full of exciting new experiences where wizard students learn new skills such as spell casting, gardening in the botanic class, potions brewery, crafting and much more.

Meet other students and together explore the magic academy full of secrets. Be part of their stories and form great relationships.

Enjoy chilling with your spirit companion, form a strong bond with it giving it love with pats, treats and games and your cat will always be there for you.

Explore new locations surrounding the academy, and befriend a cast of unique characters, each with their own quests and story to discover.

Enjoy different activities in nature such as bug catching, fishing, foraging and combating creatures.

To help support development, Cubenary has opened a Patreon page with various perks for supporters. Starting at the £2 per month tier, backers will get early access to devlog updates. Higher tiers also include things like HD/4K wallpapers, access to exclusive polls, and supporters’ names in the credits.

No platforms or release window has been announced at this stage. However, Cubenary did say in response to a question on YouTube that they would like to bring Witchery Academy to PC and Nintendo Switch.


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