Game dev-themed yuri visual novel Yumeutsutsu launches April 23


Indie game development-themed yuri visual novels Yumeutsutsu Re:Master and Yumeutsutsu Re:After are coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on April 23, thanks to publisher Degica Games.

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The Yumeutsutsu series comes from the creators of Nurse Love Addiction and Nurse Love Syndrome, and is described as “a sweet and savory girls’ love adventure saga” set around an indie game studio in Koenji, Tokyo. The protagonist, Ai, steps into the world of game development when she moves to Tokyo from the country and joins her sister Kokoro at Eureka Studio. Things take a turn for the surreal when Ai’s life starts to mirror the game she’s working on, and she finds herself ” surrounded by people much stranger than any NPCs you’d find in any ordinary game.”

The first game, Yumeutsutsu Re:Master is already available on Steam in Japanese. April 23 will see that version updated to include English and Chinese text, as well as an English-language Switch release on the North American and European eShops.

Yumeutsutsu Re:After, an “expanded final chapter”, will make its global debut on the same day. The Steam version will be available worldwide with English, Japanese, and Chinese text, while the English-language Switch version will be available in North America and Europe.

Finally, Degica confirmed that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions are also planned, but they’ve been delayed indefinitely due to complications arising from the coronavirus pandemic. “We ask for the fans’ patience in this time of uncertainty, and hope that they will stay safe and continue to show their support in the interim,” the publisher said.

The developer behind the series is none other than Kogado Studio, the creators of Nurse Love Addiction and Nurse Love Syndrome. If you’ve played either of those, you’ll know how good Kogado is at keeping things sweet and saccharine until they turn decidedly… not that. Between Kogado’s track record and premise, I imagine Yumeutsutsu will push the boundaries in bizarre and fascinating ways.


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