Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster launches August 27


We’ve finally got a new release date for the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition comes to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and mobile on August 27, Square Enix announced today.

An action RPG spin-off, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles originally came out for GameCube in 2003. In contrast to the character-driven nature of the main Final Fantasy games, Crystal Chronicles emphasised player freedom, and let players create their own avatar. Multiplayer—by way of Game Boy Advance units plugged into the console—was a big focus for the game, though there was a single-player mode as well.

As well as the expected updates to visuals and audio, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition adds character voiceovers, online multiplayer with cross-play support, and new items, dungeons, and bosses. There’s also a new “Mimic” feature that allows players to change their appearance to match that of various other characters found within the game. These new forms are granted by unique crystals earned by collecting stamps, visiting Moogle Houses, and completing difficult dungeons.

The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster was first announced back in 2018, alongside a bunch of other Final Fantasy games that were all Switch-bound. All the other games from that announcement have since come out—as has Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, which hadn’t been announced at that stage—but the Crystal Chronicles remaster saw a few delays to give the dev team time to further polish the game.


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