Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One prologue demo now available


Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One, a prologue demo for General Interactive Co’s cybernoir adventure game, is now available on Steam.

Inspired by Carmen Sandiego, Chinatown Detective Agency casts you as Amira Darma, a former INTERPOL agent turned private investigator based in Singapore’s Chinatown district. Day One lets you try your hand at solving Amira’s first three cases.

Per the demo’s Steam description, these are the clients you’ll meet:

Rupert Zhou: The Fixer

Rupert was the go-to man for the city’s elite. Who knew what was hiding behind that implacable expression? One way or another, I was going to find out.

A park, a bench, a midnight rendezvous, Rupert had a flair for the dramatic. But his extensive connections could be useful to Amira…if she can prove herself reliable.

Tiger Lily: The Kingmaker

Well dressed, elegant…a society girl through and through. And that name: Tiger Lily. Delicate and fierce at once. A real enigma.

Tiger Lily knows everyone who’s everyone in Singapore. Strange then that no-one knows her, not even her real name. Someone like that strolls into an agency like Amira’s? Business was already looking up.

Keeran Iyer: The Reformer

He held himself like a schoolboy on the first day of class, honest and respectable. Part of me felt sorry for him: I’d seen what this city could do to men like that.

Keeran is a politician determined to clean up the corruption ravaging the heart of the Lion City. But this strength is also his weakness. Can a man like him survive in a town like this?

Amira’s journey takes her across Singapore and around the world in search of clues, and also sees players undertaking “real-world research”—following leads that go beyond the game itself, in other words. You’ll also be tasked with managing your detective agency, and making choices that “will change the course of Singapore’s future.”

Chinatown Detective Agency is coming to PC and Switch in 2021. Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One is PC-only and available now.


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