Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds: Ryouma Sakamoto Walkthrough


Ryouma Sakamoto is one of three new characters introduced in Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, the first half of a two-part remake of Hakuoki for PS Vita. He’s an intriguing character based on an equally fascinating historical figure: a revolutionary who played a key role in Ishin Shishi rebellion that ultimately toppled the Tokugawa shogunate and brought about the Meiji Revolution. 

In Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds, Sakamoto is a charming, handsome, romantic character who offers a fresh new perspective on the Shinsengumi and the Bakumatsu conflicts as a whole. Getting his true ending can be a bit tricky, but this guide should hopefully help you out. 

For more about Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds and its attention to historical detail, read my review.

Ryouma Sakamoto: Main Route and True Ending

These are the choices to make throughout Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds to get Ryouma Sakamoto’s true ending. 

Chapter 1

  • Attempt to explain my situation.
  • Gave up.
  • Stay put.
  • I could see that.
  • Ask Hijikata if I can help around the compound.
  • Go to Fushimi.
  • Oh, no thank you. (Romance up: Budding)

Chapter 2

  • Remain in the compound.
  • Why me?
  • Yamazaki, you should go.
  • Stay with Hijikata.
  • …want to come.
  • To Hamaguri Gate.
  • Stop him.
  • Don’t ask him. (Romance up: 30%)

Ryouma Sakamoto guide

Chapter 3

  • Return to my room.
  • Remain in the common room.
  • Let’s have faith.
  • Stay behind.
  • I’m sorry. (Romance up: 50%)
  • Yes, please.
  • It’s not any of my business.
  • The Demons.
  • Go call for help. (Romance up: 80%)
  • Do you think so?

Chapter 4

  • The soldiers.
  • Someone high-ranking.
  • I think he’s a good person deep down.
  • No
  • Go find the others.
  • You don’t even know anything.
  • Try to escape.
  • I’ll do it. (Romance up: Full bloom)
  • Went with them.
  • I’ll stay here.

Trophy unlocked: Is that a gun in your pocket, or…

Ryouma Sakamoto guide

Chapter 5

  • Don’t go.
  • Stay and talk to Sakamoto.
  • I trust you.

Trophy: Rico Suave

Ryouma Sakamoto: Tragic Ending

Start a new game from Record of Service -> Chapter 5: Story Ryouma Sakamoto -> Romance LOW

  • Go.
  • Stay and talk to Sakamoto.
  • I trust you.

Ryouma Sakamoto: Bad Ending

Start a new game from Record of Service -> Chapter 5: Story Ryouma Sakamoto -> Romance LOW

  • Go.
  • Find a way to escape.
  • I can’t trust him…

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This guide is adapted from dopr.net’s guide for the Japanese version of the game.


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