Sony has some new ‘Ready for PlayStation 5’ TVs on the way


Sony today announced a new assortment “Ready for PlayStation 5” Bravia TVs designed for optimal compatibility with the next PlayStation console.

The X90H 4K Full Array LED series, due out in New Zealand in September in sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches, will support 4K resolution and a 120 fps frame rate (though not at launch—this will come from a future firmware update). It also boasts just 7.2ms of input lag from internal testing, which would make it among the lowest-lag TVs on the market.

If you’ve got a spare $23,000 to drop on a new TV, the 85 inch Z8H 8K HDR Full Array LED will give you an 8K display, with the option for 4K/120fps for (again, through a future firmware update).

X90H 4K Full Array LED

Both lines will include Bravia Game Mode for reduced input latency, and the ability to automatically activate that when a gaming source is detected. They also have HDMI Device Link support, allowing players to turn on both the TV and PS5 at the same time using a PS5 controller, and to control the PS5 using the TV remote.

The following “Ready for PlayStation 5” TVs will be available in New Zealand:

  • KD55X9000H $3,199.95 – September
  • KD65X9000H $3,799.95 – September
  • KD75X9000H $5,999.95 – September
  • KD85X9000H $7,299.95 – September
  • KD85Z8H $22,999.95 – October
Z8H 8K HDR Full Array LED

There’s still no release date for the PlayStation 5 itself yet, but Sony Interactive Entertainment remains committed to the 2020 holiday season. There’s no price yet or pre-orders yet, either, though fans in America can register their interest in a pre-order lottery that will give some lucky few the first chance to secure their launch console.

SIE recently shared the first global ad spot for the console, highlighting some of the new features like adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and Tempest 3D AudioTech. We’re also starting to get a better idea of what games will be available at and around the console’s launch, through things like the Future of Games Showcase and PlayStation Indies initiative.


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