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Review: Kandagawa Jet Girls (PS4)


Kandagawa Jet Girls isn’t nearly as lewd as it might first appear, and finds plenty of fun and cheerful atmosphere in its racing / shooter hybrid.

Review: Control (PS4)


With clear influences from David Lynch and House of Leaves, Control is surreal, paranormal sci-fi adventure that’s not to be missed.

Metro Exodus review – Off Rails


Metro Exodus trades claustrophobic tunnels for an open-ish world, but a lot of Metro’s unique identity is lost in the grab at mainstream appeal.

Anthem review – Javelin on Empty


Anthem boasts a beautiful world and satisfying combat, but it falls short in what was once BioWare’s biggest strength: its storytelling.

Bullet Witch (PC) review: Black Magic Woman


Originally released in 2006, Bullet Witch met with middling reviews due to its low budget and lack of polish, but it’s a diamond in the rough given a new lease on life thank’s to XSEED’s Steam port.

Ace of Seafood review

Ace of Seafood review: Sea dogs of war


Ace of Seafood is a shooter unlike any other, swapping out military fatigues and space marines for fish that shoot lasers and roam the sea in gangs.

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