We Bare Bears: The Movie is a delightful conclusion to the popular series


After four great seasons, We Bare Bears has finally come to an end. For many people, the well-loved series is a great pick-me-up during bad days. The fun adventures of a grizzly bear, panda, and polar bear are so comedic that it gives viewers comfort and a warm hug. By concluding the series with We Bare Bears: The Movie, the producers made it possible to wrap up the series with finality without making the ending feel forced. 

The story starts when Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear accidentally cause a ruckus in town. To try and get away with the numerous complaints against them, they decide to make an “ultimate video” that will make them popular. It goes according to plan at first, but ends up creating an even bigger mess for the city. Authorities then decide to take the Bears away, but they escape and run off to Canada. The question is, will they make it?

The film is just a little over an hour, which is just right for younger audiences’ shorter attention spans. The beginning introduces the Bears so well that even those who haven’t watched the show will immediately grasp their different personalities. First-time audiences will find the Bears’ motivations behind their actions fully believable. For the fans of the series, it’s a joy to see other characters, such as Chloe, Charlie, Lucy, and Ranger Tabes, make a brief appearance.

A screenshot from We Bare Bears: The Movie showing Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear pulling silly faces and taking a selfie together.

One of the reasons why We Bare Bears is so well-loved is because it heavily references pop culture, and the film did does hold back. With the trio’s “ultimate video,” they make references to the Ice Bucket Challenge, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, Gangnam Style, and of course, TikTok dance routines. Seeing the Bears flip water bottles and dab is something you didn’t know you needed in life. They are fully immersed in “the real world,” making it so much more entertaining and relatable for any audience.

As humorous as the series is, the creators have always been transparent about promoting the message of acceptance. They manage to demonstrate the prejudice and intolerance within a community by showing the Bears struggle with fitting in. They’re just trying to belong, and yet they face so much conflict and pushback. All of this becomes even more amplified in the film, where citizens try to send them away, which drives the plot.

Meeting a bunch of internet stars who are misfits in their own communities also helps audiences understand where the Bears are coming from. They are hunted down by authorities led by Agent Trout, who believes that social order dictates that the humans are the top predators. His deep-seated contempt for the Bears (and for wildlife in general) alludes to how minorities are treated in the world today. 

A screenshot from We Bare Bears: The Movie showing Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear driving together in a purple car.

All the Bears have is each other, despite being from three different species of bear. It is by being together that they feel that sense of belonging, so being torn apart would be their complete nightmare. In the story, their brotherhood might be put up to the test, but I like that they go through personal journeys too. As events unfold, Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear need to face the pressure they feel and the duties they have. The conclusion of the film shows that they may face many hurdles, but as “Bros For Life,” their experiences will only strengthen their brotherhood.

A spin-off about the Bears as cubs is currently in development, so this might be the last time we’ll see them as adults. Nevertheless, the film as a conclusion to the series is nothing short of satisfying. It takes everything fans loved about the show and molds it into something even better and more heartwarming. We already know Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear so well, but We Bare Bears: The Movie does a good job of giving more depth to their characters. 

If anyone’s looking for a light, comedic film with relevant themes, this is a great choice. It can also work as a stand-alone, so don’t count it out if you haven’t watched the series yet. By the end of the film, the Bears find themselves fitting in a little better, which is exactly what they wanted – to find their place in the world, like any of us.


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