Photo Gallery: Mega Construx Ivysaur


Mattel’s Mega Bloks and Mega Construx toys have long been nipping at the heels of LEGO, but last year they made what is arguably their biggest play yet with the launch of a licensed Pokemon line. The sets cover a wide range of Pokemon, mostly from Generation 1, but with a few appearances by newer Pokemon as well. Nostalgia being the powerful force that it is, I picked up the Mega Construx Ivysaur set to see how this range is shaping up.

I was pleasantly surprised by the attention to detail and design work that’s gone into this set. Obviously, there are a lot of specialist pieces for things like Ivysaur’s face and flower, but creative use of more standard pieces shows in everything from the way the Pokemon’s body is put together to the accompanying forest setting and Pokeball. The vines are flexible, creating a lot of opportunities for posing or play, though I do wish that the head was movable—as it is, its locked into looking dead ahead.

Even in block form, Ivysaur is as cute as ever, and I’ll definitely be picking up some more Mega Construx Pokemon in the future. For now, please enjoy my photos of Ivysaur’s adventures through our backyard.


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