LEGO Bonsai and Flower Bouquet sets now available


LEGO is getting 2021 off to a good start with the launch of two new plant-themed sets: the LEGO Bonsai Tree and the LEGO Flower Bouquet.

Both sets are part of a LEGO’s new Botanical Collection, a series aimed at adult builders with a focus on decorative displays. In keeping with the environmental theme, both sets “include a number of elements made from plant-based plastic, produced using sustainably sourced sugarcane.”

The Bonsai Tree is an 878-piece set, standing over 7 inches (18cm) tall when built. The build includes the tree itself, a rectangular pot, and a wood-style bench for it to be displayed on. It also includes two different interchangeable sets of foliage, green leaves and pink cherry blossoms, which can be custom arranged to create a unique display.

The 756-piece Flower Bouquet set includes a variety of different flowers “inspired by real flowers such as roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and grasses.” The flowers are made from unusual LEGO elements with realistic petal shapes, with stems that can be adjusted in length to let builders create their own unique arrangements.

Two further flower-themed sets are also on the way, one with a pair of red roses and the other with three different-coloured tulips.

The LEGO Bonsai and LEGO Flower Bouquet sets are available now from and select retailers, priced at NZD $99.99 / AUD $89.99. LEGO Roses will cost NZD $22.99 / AUD, and LEGO Tulips will be NZD $17.99 / AUD $14.99.

I’m particularly taken with the bonsai set, though the flower bouquet also looks beautiful. This Botanical Collection is a great concept, and here’s hoping it’s the start of something bigger—there’s as much potential for new sets as there are plants in the world.


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