[Video] Dynasty Warriors 9 – Trial Mode Highlight


Today Koei Tecmo released a new Dynasty Warriors 9 trial, as well as the above video showing what this trial includes.

As the publisher outlined in a press release:

DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Trial enables fans to choose up to three characters from the roster of 90 total playable characters in a small sampling of DYNASTY WARRIORS 9’s story mode as they set off to explore the open-world of China; with the fate of the Han Dynasty hanging in the balance. Online co-op will also be available for gamers to test out alongside other Trial members, or players who already own the full game; allowing them to experience the exhilarating action of this historic adventure.

Dynasty Warriors 9 was a divisive game when it launched earlier this year. I loved it—I said as much in my review, where I proclaimed it “the best Warriors game yet, in both the sheer ambition of it and its ability to deliver on that.” It was the rare sort of open-world game that justified its open world, using it to give context to the various military campaigns and convey the scope of the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.

I wasn’t alone in this opinion, but a lot of other players took issue with technical limitations and what they saw as an empty and boring world.  Now that there’s a trial, you can decide for yourself before shelling out for the full game.

The Dynasty Warriors 9 trial is available now PC (via Steam). The PlayStation 4 trial is also available now for North American players, and due out on November 14 for Europe. Finally, Xbox One is due to get it on November 21.



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