That gorgeous coral Nintendo Switch Lite is coming to New Zealand and Australia


The coral Nintendo Switch Lite turned a lot of heads when it was first announced for Japan and America—my own included. Any Kiwis and Australians who were thinking about importing one might want to hold off: Nintendo Australia announced this week that it’s getting a local release next month.

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The body of the coral Nintendo Switch Lite is a gorgeous coral pink, with white thumbsticks and buttons. It continues a theme of bright, pastel colours that’s defined the Switch Lite, joining the turquoise and yellow versions that the console launched with (alongside the less colourful, but still very attractive light grey model).

First released last year, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld-only version of the Nintendo Switch. It’s slightly smaller, with a smaller screen and controls that are built into the console, rather than the detachable Joy Con that the original Switch uses. Instead of discrete directional buttons used on the standard Joy Con in order to work with different Switch setups, the Switch Lite has a more traditional D-pad.

It’s compatible with all Switch games that support handheld mode—in other words, most of them, aside from things that require detachable Joy Con, like the Nintendo Labo range.

The coral Nintendo Switch Lite is due for release in New Zealand and Australia on April 24.


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