Surprise! Exit the Gungeon is now available on Switch and PC


In a very welcome surprise release, Exit the Gungeon—a sequel to Dodge Roll’s acclaimed Enter the Gungeon—is now available for Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam).

Publisher Devolver Digital describes Exit the Gungeon as a “bullet hell dungeon climber”. Where Enter the Gungeon was a top-down dungeon crawler that saw players venturing into the depths of a gun-themed dungeon (the “Gungeon”), the new game switches things to a side-scrolling platform perspective as players fight their way up a series of elevators to escape said Gungeon. It retains the original game’s frantic bullet hell-style combat and procedural generation to ensure each new game offers unique challenges.

A very creative official website gives a good idea of what to expect from Exit the Gungeon. (If, as I did for longer than I care to admit, you find yourself trying to scroll down and wondering why nothing is happening, turn your attention to the bottom-right corner of the screen. You’re in for a treat when you do.)

Exit the Gungeon originally launched last year as a timed Apple Arcade exclusive. To coincide with the Switch and PC release, a new update to that version brings a number of improvements:

  • the addition of new weapons, items, enemies, and bosses
  • a redesigned Gungeon with greater variety and bigger rooms
  • balance changes affecting enemy placement, the combo system, rewards, and an increased level of challenge
  • new character-specific hats, redesigned minigames, and new NPCs to interact with

Exit the Gungeon is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Apple Arcade.


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