Nioh 2 Photo Mode out now, first DLC pack launches July 30


Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have outlined plans for the future of Nioh 2, including a Photo Mode (which is out now) and three DLC packs, the first of which will drop on July 30.

A free update released on Friday adds Photo Mode to the Nioh 2, with a range of camera settings like exposure, gradation, lighting, and tint adjustments, and a variety of filters. The update also adds nine new missions, including both Sub-Missions and Twilight Missions, and a new armour set.

Koei Tecmo is planning to release three DLC packs in the coming months, which will add “new storylines, new yokai, ferocious new bosses, Guardian Spirits, new skills, fresh armor and a new weapon that alters the performance of skills outside of set stances.” There’ll also be new difficulty levels and end-game content

The first of these, called “The Tengu’s Disciple”, will launch on July 30. Specific details about what’s included will follow at a later date, but here’s the synopsis for the DLC’s story:

A great battle has taken place at Yashima in the late Heian period. As a visitor in Yashima, our protagonist finds a shrine possessing a mysterious whistle called the Sohayamaru. Upon inspection, the whistle shines radiantly as the shadow of Yokai can be seen lurking in the background. It is revealed that whenever wars take place, heroes wielding the Sohayamaru will head into battle in order to restore peace back into this land.

Nioh 2 came out in March this year, exclusively for PlayStation 4. We gave it five stars in our review, saying that with its finely-tuned difficulty curve, “Nioh 2 can be brutal, but success is always on the horizon, urging you forward and making your eventual victory that much sweeter.”


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