Lost Words: Beyond the Page looks enchanting in its new trailer


A new gameplay trailer for Lost Words: Beyond the Page, unveiled this week at the New York Videogame Awards, shows off a game that looks utterly mesmerising.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page tells the story of Izzy, a young writer. Players will explore Izzy’s notebook and the fantasy world of Estoria contained within it, using words jotted on the pages and the girl’s imagination as platforms and keys to solving puzzles.


Those same words will also help to tell Izzy’s coming-of-age story, exploring her growth as a person as much as the worlds she dreams up. You can see snippets of this in the trailer, too—nothing spoiler-ish, but just a few little excerpts that hint at some the real-world challenges that Izzy faces.

It’s sure to be a good story, too, with the brilliant Rhianna Pratchett—lead writer on Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider, among many other things—writing it. It’s been described as an “emotional story brimming with joyous, childlike zeal and mounting poignancy”, which certainly fits the mood of the trailer.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is being developed by Sketchbook Games and published by Modus Games, with support from Creative England and Microsoft’s Greenshoots Programme, The Wellcome Trust, Games Co London and The UK Games Fund. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this spring (autumn in the Southern Hemisphere).

If you’re looking forward to Lost Words and want to show the developers your support, wishlisting the game on Steam is a big help.


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