Kitfox Games is publishing dog photography game Pupperazzi


Sundae Month’s Pupperazzi has found a publisher in Kitfox Games, and together they’ve shared a new trailer for the dog-focused photography game.

Pupperazzi was first announced in May last year, with the simple and very appealing concept of taking photos of dogs in all manner of cute and comical situations. Dogs playing, dogs, sleeping, dogs dressed in silly outfits, dogs skateboarding…

Unsurprisingly, it got a lot of well-deserved attention at the time, and Kitfox Games (Boyfriend Dungeon, Dwarf Fortress) coming on board as publisher should help to spread word about what’s shaping up to be a frickin’ adorable game.

Together, Kitfox and Sundae Month shared a new trailer for Pupperazzi during this week’s Wholesome Snack Indie Game Showcase. It’s adorable, but if you need even more wholesome doggo humour in your life, the feature list is worth a look:

First person photographer action. Discover all new dogs and activities as you run, jump, and interact with the world… And dogs! (Yes, you CAN pet them!)

SO. MANY. DOGS. Shibas, terriers, labs, pugs, and all kinds of breeds. You want ‘em, WE GOT EM!

Have fun with dogs! Play fetch, dress them up in different hats, terrorize them with vacuum cleaners (you monster), and start dance parties. Normal dog things. Questionable dog things. Suspiciously human things.

Take the best photos. Upgrade your gear to get the best dog pics. Zoom, filters, slow-mo, lenses, and so much more!

A world populated entirely by dogs. Explore the lighthouse cove, take a sunset stroll on the boardwalk, zoom around the city of Muttropolis, and more! Either way, it’ll be filled with dogs. It’s rumored humans exist, but who cares?

Share your galleries. If you took a picture and didn’t aggressively share it with several of your friends, did you even take it?? Science says no! Share your best snapshots online!

A screenshot from Pupperazzi, showing a hand patting a dog and love hearts floating above the dog's head.

There’s no release date for Pupperazzi yet (though there is a planned release date of “woof bark bark” listed on Steam). If you like the look of it, though, wishlisting it on Steam is a great way to show the creators your support and help Pupperazzi climb Steam’s mysterious algorithms.


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