Cute puzzle RPG Fairy Knights heads to Switch this month


Fairy Knights, a puzzle-based RPG with adorable chibi characters, is heading to Nintendo Switch on April 30, developer WID Studio and publisher CFK announced this week.

The game is inspired by classic JRPGs, and sees a group of heroes setting out to restore rain to a barren kingdom. The story is described as “heartwarming and [with]funny humor”, matching the art style and presentation. Also, one of the party members is a super cute cat, so… y’know.

Battles use an ATB-style turn-based system, but rather than picking commands from a menu, you issue attacks by solving plumber-style puzzles. By rotating stone tiles on a grid, you create a path (or paths, with some tiles forking in different directions) for energy to flow through; the longer and more numerous the paths, the more the bigger the damage.

Fairy Knights is already available on Steam, Android, and iOS. The Switch version will be released worldwide on 30 April, with support for English, Japanese, and Korean languages.


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