Cloudpunk coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One


After initially being announced solely for PC, the impressive-looking Cloudpunk is now heading to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as well, courtesy of Merge Games.

Described as a “story-driven open-world title” that draws inspiration from the likes of Firewatch and Kentucky Route Zero, Cloudpunk will cast you as a new driver for a semi-legal delivery company in a futuristic city. The design of the world looks to emphasise the verticality of the city, and Cloudpunk puts its own spin the neon-drenched aesthetic typical of cyberpunk with a voxel-based art style.


It also sounds like it’ll engage more deeply with the sort of themes you’d expect from a true work of cyberpunk fiction. According to the protagonist’s narration in the new trailer, “what makes this city isn’t in the streets. It’s the people that live here, and the niggling fear that at the core of this place is a pulsing heart fuelled by consumption.”

Here’s hoping Cloudpunk can deliver on that concept, because it certainly looks like it has the goods. We’ll find out when it launches for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.


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