Best Friend Forever delayed again, but there’s a free PC demo on the way


The dog-raising / dating sim hybrid Best Friend Forever has been delayed again, for reasons beyond the developer’s control, but to tide folks over until launch, Starcolt plans to release a playable demo tomorrow for PC.

“The unfortunate news is that due to circumstances outside our control, we have to delay the release of Best Friend Forever slightly further,” Starcolt’s director, Lucy Morris, said in a statement published today. “This shouldn’t be for too long, but we don’t want to give you a date until we’re certain it’s the final, 100% certain date because we want to give you the game as much as you want to play it!”

The delay affects both the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. Starcolt remains committed to a simultaneous release across all platforms.

A screenshot from Best Friend Forever, showing a narrative scene. A dialogue box tied to a character called Astrid reads: "Oh, he Sebastian. We were just discussing star signs. Fox thinks Canerians are the worst. I said Gemini are. What do you think?"

To make up for the delay, a playable Best Friend Forever PC demo will be released on Steam when the Steam Game Festival kicks off tomorrow. The demo will give players a chance to meet all the main characters in Best Friend Forever, and get a taste of the game’s pet-raising systems.

Best Friend Forever is a game that combines visual novel and dating sim elements with a pet-raising simulation. As a new resident of Rainbow Bay, you’ll adopt a dog, train it, and care for it, while also meeting some (extremely hot) locals and, hopefully, falling in love. It looks like those different aspects of the game will overlap in interesting ways, with your pup always present and able to interact with you during narrative events.

The delay is obviously disappointing—for the developers as much as for the people looking forward to playing it. Hopefully, it won’t be too much further away, but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. At the very least, we’ll have a demo to try out soon.


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